The Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration and the County Choral Hall of Fame Inductions occurred on May 11, 2019.

The winners are: Nancy Guthrie, John Hruska, Ruth Collinge Ladner, Joy Leirer, and Miriam Cartner.

Pictured is Kathleen Milford, ACCMS Artistic Director from 1989-2019, as well as the Founder of ACCMS!

Class of 2015

Madge Lehnert, Charles Marcy, Gerald Kujala, Barb Fohl

( not pictured Helen Dickey)


Top: (L-R) Nancy Guthrie (Inductee), Andy Chiodo, Dawn Grimm, John Hruska (Inductee), Harold M. Ladner (son of Ruth Ladner), and Joy Leirer (Inductee).

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